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It Pays To Plant With Precision

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It Pays To Plant With Precision.   

When you control spacing, depth and germination, you reach your best possible yield.   Precision Planting tools make it easy to put every seed where it belongs every time.  “I have been impressed with the accuracy of the Precision Planting products that we have installed on my existing planter”, says Devolder Farms President and Farmer Bob Devolder.  “I am seeing more uniform germination in our fields and the 20/20 SeedSense® monitor system has given my team the ability to review and react immediately to the accurate row by row planting information that is generated in real time.”

Devolder Farms recently joined the Precision Planting team as a Premier Dealer servicing Chatham-Kent and surrounding areas.  We have trained technicians and knowledgeable sales staff available to assist growers with getting the most out of every acre planted here in Ontario.  “One great thing about working at Devolder Farms is that we use many of the products that we sell,” says Devolder Farms employee Wayne Black.  “Firsthand knowledge really goes a long way when training our staff and servicing our customers.” 

Our service technicians have the ability to calibrate your planter’s current seed meters, install new Precision Planting equipment and troubleshoot planter performance issues.  We also have a wide range of parts in stock to help minimize downtime.

Be sure to check out the current PrecisionAcre promotion if you are interested in learning more about how Precision Planting and Devolder Farms can help you achieve higher yields.  This offer allows growers to access a great base product package that will not only save you money, but will also help you maximize yield in every acre.

Contact Wayne Black of Devolder Farms today to find out more about installing Precision Planting equipment on your existing planter.  Devolder Farms – You’ll Like Doing Business With Us!

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