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360 Yield Center - Ontario Yield Summit in Brantford, Ontario

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For the first time ever, 360 Yield Center will be holding an Ontario Yield Summit for those that are unable to attend the Open House in Morton, Illinois.  This event is FREE (registration required) and Canadian growers will have the opportunity to attend in Brantford, Ontario on February 25, 2016 at the Best Western Plus, Brant Park Inn & Conference Center.  

Nitrogen has one of the largest impacts on production costs and yields.  Attend this 360 Yield Center Ontario Yield Summit to see how small improvements to nitrogen utilization can boost your profitability. Agronomists and growers alike can learn how to manage nitrogen - a key and costly input - more efficiently for better yield results and a better bottom line.   

What if you already attended the Devolder Farms Double Feature "The Five Year Journey" in December 2015?  Not to worry - this Ontario Yield Summit by 360 Yield Center will not be a duplicate event.

What if you missed our event or have little knowledge about 360 Yield Center?  No problem!  This event will include hand-on demonstrations and is ideal for beginners and those already well versed in 360 Yield Center products.  Experienced 360 Yield Center users will also be thrilled to learn about recent upgrades to the existing product line up and exciting new product launches.  We can hardly wait to share with you what 360 Yield Center has planned next!  

Be sure to register for this FREE Yield Summit to learn even more about 360 Yield Center - the company, the products, the future of agronomy and crop nutrient management solutions and more!

If you would like to attend the event, simply register here or call Devolder Farms at 519-352-8799 and we would gladly submit the event registration on your behalf.

Need more information?  Looking for others to travel with to London?  Call Devolder Farms today at 519-352-8799


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